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Color Enhanced Red Mulch $26.75 per yard Color Enhanced Gold Mulch $26.75 per yard
Color Enhanced Black Mulch $26.75 per yard Color Enhanced Cherry Brown Mulch $26.75 per yard
Natural Cedar Mulch $28.75 per yard Playground Mulch $14 per yard
Double Shredded Hardwood $18.75 per yard Light Shredded Bark $18.75 per yard
Medium Shredded Bark $18.75 per yard Dark Shredded Bark $18.75 per yard
Wood Chips $17.95 per yard Bark Fines $18.30 per yard
Perennial Mulch $19.50 per yard Unscreened Topsoil $16 per yard
Beach Sand $18 per yard Screened Topsoil $18.75 per yard
Organic Compost $32 per bushel 2 N.S. Washed Sand $35 per ton
22A Crushed Concrete $35 per ton 2″ to 4″ Asphalt Chucks $35 per ton
22A Gravel $35 per ton 22A Dolomite $35 per ton
8″ to 12″ Field Stone $10 each 60/40 Cement Gravel $35 per ton
12″ to 18″ Field Stone $20 each 1ft – 2ft Boulders $65 each
3ft – 4ft Boulders $75 each 4ft – 5ft Boulders $125 each
1″ Washed Stone $35 per ton Milled Asphalt $35 per ton
Processed Asphalt $35 per ton Screened 3/8 to 5/8 (pea stone) $35 per ton
22A Mod Gravel $35 per ton Fill Sand $18 per yard
Firewood/Logs $195 per cord Firewood/Logs $875 semi load
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Our dispatcher will call to confirm the order and delivery date. We will not make any deliveries until we have spoken to you via telephone or email.